Afew days back another brand of BBK Electronics announced the Xmas version of its flagship. I mean we have already got acquainted with the VIVO X20 Christmas Edition, and now it’s the turn of the OPPO R11s Star Screen New Year Edition. But the latter comes with a modest packaging. Although it will be better to say OPPO has designed a packaging for the R11s that can be used for non-Xmas-gift ideas as well. The company didn’t add any accessories into the box. And this model can be considered as the red variant of OPPO’s flagship. There is only a small puppy logo on the back showing we are dealing with a limited edition.

The selling point of the OPPO R11s Star Screen New Year Edition is the Star Screen. The phone sports a 6.01-inch 18:9 full-screen using the aforementioned innovative technology. Thanks to it, the edge of the transition from the display to the body is smooth and inconspicuous. This makes the screen boundary invisible at first glance. This gradient from the red metal body of the R11s and blend into the display of the phone gives an organic look to the phone. When looking at the Oppo R11s we have a feeling the full-screen blends into the phone rather than is a component piece of the design.

Apart from this, the company has partnered with the world’s leading luxury suppliers in the mobile phone industry to come in with a small 18K gold-plated Lucky Dog Zodiac symbol made of new materials and processes. Its diameter is 4.95mm and it has a three-dimensional appearance.

However, the rest of features remain the same. Thus the OPPO R11s Star Screen New Year Edition is equipped with a screen Snapdragon 660 chip, 4+64GB memory combination, 20MP front shooter, 20+16MP rear camera, and a battery capacity of 3205mAh. As for the system, the phone comes with a Christmas-style UI mainly with red color icons and design elements.

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