OPPO has just launched the OPPO R17 series mobile phone in Shanghai. Let’s take a look at the style of this high-value mobile phone!

On the front OPPO R17 is a 6.4-inch water drop screen, the screen ratio of 19.5:9, the resolution reached 2340 * 1080, the official data shows that the R17 screen ratio reached 91.5%. It is able to achieve such an amazing screen ratio, because the technology of using hidden sensors on the top greatly reduces the space occupied by the screen, which is higher than the screen ratio of the previous generation OPPO R15.

OPPO R17’s “drop screen” looks almost exclusively the size of a camera, further compressing the space occupied by the original components such as sensors, while benefiting from screen dispensing and Europeanized screen packaging technology, increasing the screen share of mobile phones.

The sensor area of OPPO R17 is 45.8% smaller than that of the previous generation R15. The light sensor is hidden under the screen on the right side of the water droplet, and the light is recognized by the light guide column. The distance sensor is realized by a combination of the screen touch + infrared sensor, the ear touches the screen and the screen is closed, and the infrared sensor under the screen detects the distance of the mobile phone from the ear, thereby reducing the area of the water drop area.

The back of the fuselage is still a glass body, but this time OPPO has played a new trick in the color. A new magic gradient process has been added, and a three-color gradient and more gradient patterns have been added to the original two-color gradient.

The three-color gradient process is used in the neon purple color scheme to make the color jump more and more beautiful, just like the night neon. At the same time, in addition to the vertical gradient, OPPO also brings a horizontal gradient and a four-way gradient, the effect of the gradient is more dynamic. Based on the OPPO R15’s streamer coloring process, R17 also adds a condensing layer between the streamer layer and the dot color layer to allow the light to precisely flow.

“Beauty, above everything” has always been the design concept of OPPO mobile phone. In the back gradient design of R17, more than 7000 different designs have been tried, and the process has been upgraded to 7-layer gradient laminate, so it can be under light. Achieve this effect like water and light flow.