Samsung’s big Galaxy Note9 announcement is now over and done so it’s time to bring out the promo videos. In this case there are a total of six of them and they focus on the hot points of the new phone.

The first one focuses on the improved design and the slightly bigger Infinity Display.

[youtube v=”sX2CRpVqBB0″]

The second and third video are focused on the new Bluetooth S Pen.

[youtube v=”u6C606gB6ZM”]

[youtube v=”024NJMxbcVY”]

The fourth video is about the new Intelligent Camera. We’re glad Samsung zigged and didn’t call the camera AI. We can’t wait to give the new camera software a spin.

[youtube v=”mQeAgi9owj4″]

The penultimate video is all about the Galaxy Note9’s performance.

[youtube v=”DIuBhOPPXPY”]

And finally there’s a video about the new DeX functionality on the Galaxy Note9.

[youtube v=”LFZ-zHOC1wg”]


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