Vivo NEX can be said to be the most popular mobile phone product in 2018. The ultimate 91.24% screen share is also one of the best in the current mobile phone industry. The lift camera also brings unprecedented technological sense. We also got the red version of Vivo NEX this time, which adds a touch of sensation compared to the previous black version. Let’s take a look at the charm of the Red Vivo NEX.

The front of the mobile phone is still a super high screen ratio, and the visual impact is quite large.

This time we got the rear-fingerprint version of the Snapdragon 710 Vivo NEX phone, so there is a fingerprint recognition opening on the back of the case.

The red version is more textured than the previous black version and is also suitable for younger users.

The light and shadow gradient brings a color effect like ruby.

Vivo NEX is now officially on sale, and the technological impact of the ultimate full-screen and lift-type camera is definitely top-notch in 2018, so friends who like it should not hesitate, Vivo NEX is definitely worth buying.