OPPO officially released two products, R17 and R17 Pro. Among them, R17 Pro has a better appearance and feel, and there are many “black technology” blessings, which is very worthy of attention.

In terms of design, the OPPO R17 Pro uses a 6.4-inch drop screen.

The design of the water drop screen is derived from the falling water droplets on the natural lotus leaf. Through careful design and adjustment, the perfect curve is achieved.

The back is a matte gradient, and the dynamic gradient design combined with the matte texture of the etching process is very beautiful.

The middle frame of the fuselage also adopts a simple design, which is the same as the color change of the body, and is integrated with the color of the back.

In addition to the excellent design of the appearance, the configuration is also quite good. The R17 Pro is equipped with a three-camera. In addition to the super-photographed by the IMX 362, there is also a blessing of TOF technology, in terms of AR, 3D modeling, etc. Excellent performance.

In terms of camera, R17 Pro has added OIS optical image stabilization, and the three-axis stabilization technology can adjust the small vibration of the hand to improve the picture quality.

In addition, the F1.5/F2.4 smart aperture design can switch the size aperture according to the environment, and it can have more light input during night shooting, which brings better night shooting effect.

In addition, the R17 Pro is also equipped with SuperVOOC super flash charging, which can fully charge the mobile phone in 35 minutes, which is very powerful.

The current R17 Pro is priced at 4,299 yuan, but the sale time will wait until mid-October.